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Kelly Rosenberg, founder of Movement Magic Fitness and an industry visionary for over 35 years, enjoys making fitness fun and effective for all ages. Movement Magic brings the gym to you through expert online or in-person training.  Whether you wish for a better booty, or you want to stop the aches and pains, or you just need some motivation, Movement Magic will provide a tailored program that you can do anywhere you choose. 

Kelly is a Fellow of the Gray Institute;  FAFS, 3DMAPS, CAFS, FMR, Functional Yoga Systems, and Active Aging Specialist. NSCA certified trainer, Zibrio Balance Specialist, an affiliate of the Functional Aging Institute.  Kelly also holds certifications in Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Aquatic Exercise, Suspension Training, and Indoor Cycling.

In 2007, Kelly founded Every Body Balance; MetroWest Boston’s premier and largest pilates, yoga, private training, barre, and bodyweight training fitness studio. Based on applied functional science, Kelly developed the Movement Magic Method of training which she taught and employed at her studio until selling in 2015 and moving to the Jersey Shore with her family, where she continued to practice the Movement Magic Method.  2021 Kelly brings her Movement Magic Method both online and in person to La Vernia Texas.

Drawing upon Kelly’s broad base of skills and experience, clients learn how to safely build muscle, increase strength and power, activate the core, increase flexibility, mobility, and balance to improve joint stability to resist injury.

Clients will obtain better posture, reduce aches and pains, and learn to sit, stand, and move with economy, grace, and balance through specific exercises that address proper body alignment and movement.  

With the tools Kelly provides, clients experience gains in performance in any sport and in everyday life.  Our muscles are links in the chain that, when trained properly, connect to result in movement harmony. Through proper breathing, mobility-stability training, and recovery work, clients learn how to relax, re-energize, and move more efficiently.

Movement Magic offers private training, small and large group sessions, one on one private sessions online and in-person in La Vernia Texas. 

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Personal Training

How can we help you? Movement is Magic, so let’s start here:

1. Analyze your movement

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2. Your needs, wants and goals 

Build a better booty

Increase strength

Retrieve your golf ball

Pick up your child

Lose weight 

Sleep better

Breathe Better

Reduce aches & pains

Look better

Feel better

3. Your individualized program

Now we select functional exercises in the proper context to help you become successful in meeting your needs wants and goals.  
Leverage the power of movement: look better, sleep better, feel better, live better

Our Specialties

Making Fitness Fun

Functional Exercise

Active Adult Fitness

Balance-Fall Prevention

Alleviate Exercise Anxiety

Strength & Power Training

Aquatic Exercise

Pilates, Barre, Yoga

Suspension Training

Body Weight Training

Mobility Training

Foam Rolling

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Stretch, Breathe, Relax

Special Populations

Fitness Classes Online and In Person

All classes are available on Zoom or In Person at our studio.

$20.00 to drop in or you may purchase a class pass for 6 classes $114.00 or 12 classes $216.00  If you want to purchase a class pass please request it before registering for class.

To attend in person classes contact or Call / Text 833-432-1348

Register for Zoom classes below. Shortly after you register you will receive an invoice for your class. When the invoice is paid you will receive credentials and links to your selected classes. You must use the same email account to register and log in to the Zoom app.

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Fun Fitness & Barre @ Hills Gym Mondays @11:30am  No Class May 13 & 27


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